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Entrepreneur Success Toolkit

Each session provides entrepreneurs with critical skills that they need to start, grow, and expand a business. Topics include getting funding, marketing their company, products, and services, maintaining integrity, and being an effective leader. The training in each session is provided by business experts who have achieved extraordinary success in their respective fields.

1. Capital Acceleration

It's a problem most small businesses face. They have the idea, the product, or a project that could benefit people, customers, and the world, but they can't raise the capital quickly enough to achieve it. Just imagine what you and your business could do if you had access to all the capital you needed, almost instantly. You wouldn't have to delay success. You wouldn't have to sit on the sidelines while others succeed and rise to the top. Success could be yours for your business!

Berny Dohrmann is an internationally recognized capital strategist, revenue accelerator, and economic innovator. He is the Founder and Chairman of CEO Space International, the world's leading small business incubator having touching hundreds of thousands of business owners in more than 100 countries and recently recognized by Forbes as one of the must attend conferences for entrepreneurs.

This is your opportunity to meet the founder of an organization that is widely known as the best to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

2. The Transformational Leadership Accelerator

Can you name your most important role in your business? Your most important role is as leader. It's your responsibility to guide your business where you want it to go and to hire and train the team that will help get you there. The success of your business rests on your shoulders. Every decision you make will influence that success.

In the final part of the series, Transformational Leadership Expert Hugh Ballou gives you methods and strategies to be an effective leader in a growing business. He'll talk about a business' value, missions, and goals. You'll also learn how to hire the best team, then how to create and maintain effective relationships with them that will benefit your business. Discover how to conduct meetings and create team processes.

What's more, he'll also give you strategies that you can put in place to balance your busy business schedule with your personal life. The information you receive from Hugh will transform your leadership abilities and business. It's one you don't want to miss.

Hugh Ballou is the author of five books on transformational leadership. He also works as an executive coach, process facilitator, trainer, and motivational speaker teaching leaders in many diverse fields. He brings 40 years of experience as conductor to his leadership training, teaching leaders to conduct their teams to get extraordinary results.

3. What's Your Billion Dollar Pitch?

You don't have to be shooting to be a billionaire in need to have a billion dollar pitch. The #1 secret to being a successful entrepreneur is marketing. Marketing is involved in everything you do, from pitching an idea for a business, to hiring team members, to selling products and services. If you can't sell your idea, you can't sell your products. If you can't give a "billion dollar" pitch, you're going to be out of business before you get a chance to hang your shingle.

In the first part of the series the "Billion Dollar Man" Bob Circosta teaches you how to create your billion dollar pitch by teaching you the rules of successful marketing. Effective communication is the first step in marketing anything, no matter what it is. Bob teaches you how to effectively communicate your message to make others want what you have. But he doesn't stop there. Having a good pitch is worthless if you're not getting in front of the right people.

Bob shows you just what makes a product sell. He'll teach you how to create need for your product, then find the people who will buy now.

4. Making Integrity Profitable

Are people in your organization or business suffering from Integrity Deficit Disorder? Integrity Deficit Disorder is characterized by chronic self-centeredness, self-neglect, lack of self-responsibility, rampant entitlement issues, and ideological rightness addition. It can affect the success level of your organization if you don't place integrity development at the center of leadership development. As a result, you'll see increased performance, productivity, and team cohesion.

Dr. David Gruder is an international speaker, trainer, and consultant. He's perhaps the only clinical and organizational psychologist - and ordained interfaith clergy - who specializes in helping leaders create sustainable happiness and success within their organizations without sacrificing things like integrity, ethics, or social responsibility. He provides programs to companies, non profits, and other institutions to help fight and cure Integrity Deficit Disorder.

Learn how to succeed as a leader and create success for your organization without sacrificing your integrity, self-respect, and social responsibility. Learn to lead your team by example, and learn how your good example will lead them to work better together and increase performance and productivity.

5. Gaining Wealth from Your Worth

In finance, your worth is based on your wealth. As an entrepreneur, your wealth is based on your worth - or your integrity. To survive and thrive as an entrepreneur, you need a host of skills to guide your business to success. You're the leader of your ship, and it's up to you to steer it toward rough waters or to navigate smoothly onto success.

Relationship Expert and Inspirational Speaker Eve Hogan leads this part of the session and uncovers the value of communication and integrity in business. You'll learn how to be more confident and assertive when managing or dealing with others, how to produce creative solutions to problems, and how to control your output, no matter what the input. These are crucial management skills that any leader needs.

You'll also discover the importance of not playing the blame game in your organization and how to remove ego obstacles that block achievement. Eve will teach you the "emotional" side of business. You'll learn how to effectively manage yourself in your communications, personality, and self-responsibility so you can guide your business to thrive.

Eve Hogan is an inspirational speaker and author specializing in creating healthy relationships-in the workplace, the home, and the heart. Eve shares a rare perspective on human behavior along with simple steps one can initiate immediately to bring about change. Eve's work bridges the gap between the head and the heart so the two work in alignment instead of opposition. Through a blend of story-telling, sharing wisdom, enhancing common sense and offering skills, tools and practical guidance, Eve entertains, educates and empowers her audiences.

6. Vertical Integrity: The Upgrade That Supercharges Small Businesses Productivity, Customer Loyalty, and Overall Satisfaction

Are you creating the life you want as you create your business? Or are you being hijacked without knowing it by falsehoods and misrepresentations that are being pitched to you? To be successful in your business, you have to have integrity in everything you do. You can't get sidetracked or "hijacked" by anything that misrepresents itself as being the way to your success or happiness.

Integrity deficit runs rampant in businesses today. It's defined by chronic self-centeredness, self-neglect, lack of self-responsibility, rampant entitlement issues, and ideological rightness addition that can destroy your happiness and business. Dr. David Gruder leads this session of the series and talks about vertical integrity - or integrity in every part of your life and business.

He'll talk about the important connection between your personal mission and a job's true value, a job's true value to the business' true value, and finally a business' true value to its customers and society.