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For Nonprofits and Churches

CEO Space presenters help congregations, nonprofits, and communities seeking ways to serve more broadly by mobilizing volunteers into effective action in responding to the tide of global change that has left so many feeling lost and uncertain, battered and dispirited. Consultants, seminars and books have promised much to these searching congregations and communities, but they have delivered little more than reworked methods from times now long past.

If you have come to the conclusion that methods and manuals and quick fixes do not provide lasting transformation, you are looking for what this speaker series provides instead. You will be exposed to powerful new ways of reinvigorating your seekers who look with dismay at the unproductive previous attempts they have made at organizational change and improvement.

1. Hugh Ballou

With over forty years of work within religious and nonprofit organizations, and as a consultant to them, Ballou's gentle yet direct manner for challenging assumptions and establishing counter-intuitive strategies changes how organizations engage and empower their staff, boards, and members. His concepts and skills for creating sustainable organizational transformation are easy to grasp. They are immediately applicable to virtually any volunteer-driven organization, whether religious or secular, cause-based or career-based.

Hugh Ballou's Keynote Topics For Nonprofits and Churches

  • Transform your Your Board, Transform Yourself, Transform Your Organization: Hugh Ballou's 4 Power Principles for Leadership Transformation - In one focused and interactive session, Ballou delivers content for leaders and team members to envision and activate an new culture of engagement where collaboration and consensus are the norm and where every player functions like a highly skilled orchestra member orchestrating success. Ballou's proven strategies work in the smallest community of faith to the mega church, from the local nonprofit to national social benefit organizations. There are many take-aways in attitude shift, awareness, and strategies for execution that fit every organization.
  • Change the Paradigm and Change the Results: Ways to Break from Unproductive Rituals to Systems of Massive Impact - We do the same things and get the same results. We use the same words and people respond in unproductive ways. We kill team engagement with boring, unproductive meetings. Tools, tips, and strategies define measurable results in this presentation.
  • Measuring Success: Quantifiable Success In a Non-Revenue Driven Organization - In the church we say "It's too spiritual to measure." In the community organization we say, "Numbers are not the most important part of our work." Yet we fall short in income, member engagement, and program success. Learn what to measure, why it matters, and what to do about it.

Hugh Ballou's Workshop Topics

  • How to Get 'em, How Keep 'em, How to Empower 'em: Engaging Members with Passion
  • Composing Powerful Goals: Creating Organic, Collaborative Engagement
  • The Agenda: The Enemy of Productive Meetings: The Transformation of Team Engagement
  • Don't Recruit: Create a Compelling Reason for Members to Support the Vision

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2. Eve Hogan

"Creating Powerful Relationships"

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3. Dr. David Gruder

Infusing the Building Blocks of Collaboration IQ Into Your Organization

It's a big mistake to assume that just because your people believe in the virtues of collaboration they have what it takes to do it. Since our society mainly teaches people to cope with coercion and settle for compromise, chances are high that not enough people in your organization possess the attitudes and skills that successful collaboration requires.

If now is the time for your organization to surge forward toward fulfilling its potential in more productive and harmonious ways, invite the "Maestro of Collaboration" -- eight book-award-winning organizational development psychologist Dr. David Gruder -- to reveal the foundations of Collaboration Intelligence to your people, and to train them in these!

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4. Jeff Magee For Nonprofit Organizations

Magee was commissioned to design, train, and present a new series of national leadership and sales recruitment programs for more than the 5,000 professional sales recruiters and sales managers with the U.S. Army National Guard. For this he has subsequently received the prestigious Commander's Coin of Excellence. He has a powerful reframing of these successful principles for engaging members in meaningful activity.

Jeff Magee's Keynote Topic

  • Don't Recruit!: Engage Members and Boards for Meaningful Strategies

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