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The CEO Space Student Leadership Institute

The CEO Space Student Leadership Institute is committed to providing leadership education, development, and training to its students. With a diverse group of expert leadership coaches who cover every element of effective leadership, students will receive the tools and education they need to not only develop, but refine their leadership abilities. Any participating student can take part in the series of sessions to earn a certificate of completion from CEO Space- or they can choose to attend individual sessions. This is an excellent resume builder for students. The descriptions for the sessions are listed below:

1. Become the Change You Want to See: Integrity Secrets of Successful Leaders

Are you a leader people will follow? In this part of the series, David Gruder talks about your leadership integrity and becoming the change you want to see. Topics include refining your vision, intentions, and motives to define what you stand for as a leader; how to lead at the level of your vision rather than your psychological limitations; converting leadership presence into effective action, and much more.

Throughout this part of the series, you'll learn how to be an effective leader and become more than just the person "in charge. You'll learn how to lead with integrity to gain respect and get the job done. What's more, you'll learn to use your leadership to get things done by energizing and inspiring those that you lead.

David Gruder has served as a graduate professor and has presented at university symposia on leadership topics. He's also a well invited commencement address speaker.

2. The Definitive Leader: Four Transformational Principles that Create Extraordinary Teams

Don't just be a manager who manages an organization. Instead, be a leader who leads the way to increased productivity, performance, and sales. This presentation by Hugh Ballou will give you concrete ideas and tools that you can use to apply to your leadership expertise to create extraordinary teams that produce amazing results.

Hugh Ballou

Learn to set the pace for your team and build energized teams that always keep the pace. Discover how to define goals, then guide your teams to meet them. Learn how to lead your teams to achieve extraordinary results while saving your organization time and money. This part of the series will give you hands-on strategies for transforming and focusing your leadership skills, models for building high performance teams, systems for achieving results ahead of schedule and under budget, and solutions for success.

Hugh Ballou is the author of five books on transformational leadership. He also works as an executive coach, process facilitator, trainer, and motivational speaker teaching leaders in many diverse fields. His track record for transforming leaders in unprecedented! He brings 40 years of experience as conductor to his leadership training, teaching leaders to conduct their teams to get extraordinary results.

3. Streamline Your Way to Creating a Speech or Report That Boosts Your Leadership Crediblity

You deliver a speech to your teams. Their eyes glaze over, and you feel like they haven't heard a word you said. As a leader, the ability to create and give a compelling speech or report is necessary if you want to be effective. People have to hear what you have to say. More importantly, they have to listen.

Eve Hogan

Presentation Expert Eve Hogan teaches the skills you need to write speeches and reports that boost your leadership effectiveness. She'll teach you how to manage research from various sources, how to brainstorm so the creativity start to flow, how to create flexible outlines that can be altered as the message evolves, and - just as important --- how to speak and write so others are touched by you.

You'll learn how to speak and write from the heart, and you'll discover how to sound authentic instead of like a robot. This part of the series will give you the communication skills you need to increase the effectiveness of your leadership and inspire others to believe in you. This program will help student leaders better communicate with administration, the community, and other student organizations.

4. The Business of Leadership: Nothing Happens in Business or Leadership Until You sell something

Leadership is all about selling. Being able to sell ideas to your teams is just as important as being able to sell products to customers. Getting your teams to "buy into" your ideas is just as important as getting a client to buy your products. Without being able to sell your ideas, you can't be an effective leader.

Bob Circosta

Bob Circosta teaches his "Billion Dollar Formula" in the part of the series that he used to generate over $10 billion in sales on behalf of clients, entrepreneurs, and business owners. He'll teach you how create a successful presentation of your leadership platform that will inspire others to follow you.

He'll also reveal power words that you can use that "create a need" for your leadership platform. It doesn't matter if you're selling ideas or selling products, this is a formula needed to be an effective leader in whatever field you're in.