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Dr.David Gruder

Integrity Intelligence, how ethical organizations build sustainable profits.

The Psychology of ProsperityBuilding success that reflects your best intentions not your psychological limitations™!

Dr. David Gruder is an 8-book-award-winning psychologist, thought leader, and change agent. A "Culture Change & Business Development Psychologist," he provides leaders, businesses, nonprofits, helping professionals & the public with practical tools to succeed without sacrificing personal integrity, life balance, or social responsibility.

Dr. Gruder translates collaboration, integrity and accountability into the psychological skills that make them real.

The Hijacking of

  • Happiness
  • Health
  • Productivity
  • Prosperity
  • Problem-Solving
  • Society
  • Integrity

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"Dr. Gruder's programs are meticulously planned. He is a brilliant analyst and fine synthesizer of human experience. Planning an event with Dr. Gruder is a delight. Our participants gave Dr. Gruder outstanding evaluations."

Alphacom Consultants & Event Planners, Alberta, Canada

"Dr. Gruder is incredible... whether it be in teaching, coaching, or mentoring colleagues, he excels."

Diane Guthrie, Certified Meeting Planner, Guthrie & Associates

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