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Eve Hogan

An education innovator that helps restore peace to the classroom

An education innovator that helps restore peace to the classroom

Eve Hogan is an innovative educator and inspirational speaker who combines her background in education with her rare perspective on human behavior to teach interpersonal and personal skills to children, college students, parents, and business executives alike. She is a sought-after expert on issues such as bullying and self-esteem and is passionate about teaching compassion in how we treat others and personal responsibility in how we let others affect us. Through a blend of story-telling, sharing wisdom, and enhancing common sense while offering skills, tools and practical guidance, Eve entertains, educates and empowers her audiences.

  • Finding peace in your classroom
  • Increasing learning in the classroom on student at a time
  • Eros: A simple equation for creating powerful relationships
  • "Turning Difficult Situations and People Around!"
  • Connecting Culture, Self-Worth & Productivity

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