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Hugh Ballou

Hugh Ballou

Transformational Leadership Strategist

Process Facilitator / Strategist / Leadership Conductor

How does a conductor of orchestras and choirs teach leadership - very enthusiastically! Hugh Ballou teaches leaders around the globe how to build synergy with teams and how to build effective processes that bring success to any organization - no matter how small or how large. "I travel around the country and around the world and find that you can change the name of the organization, the location and the type of structure and you will still have the same issues - leaders not leading effectively!"

Ballou brings 40 years of experience as conductor to his leadership training. As Ballou puts it "I call the training The Quintessential Leader...

The Definitive Leader

Four transformational principles that create extraordinary teams Creating Extraordinary Culture Through Transformative Leadership.


Developing and executing visions that energize teams.

No More Volunteers

How to transition your church from a volunteer culture to a mission driven machine


"Hugh's skill in guiding our discussions and involving each person at just the right time was truly astonishing. I was amazed at the many steps we traversed in a time efficient way, leading to the final action plan with actual tasks, individual assignments and deadlines for implementation"

Dr. Kay Shirley, CFP

"Hugh Ballou makes work fun. He knows how to keep you focused on the objective while enjoying the process."

Ed Buckbee, Director Emeritus,
U. S. Space and Rocket Center

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