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Jeff Magee

When Performance Matters Most!

Performance Coach / Leadership Expert / Human Capital Strategist

Dr. Jeff Magee is a global leader in increasing organization performance! He's spoken in front of senior leadership at military branches, fortune 500 companies, and non-profit organizations develop strategies and implementation plans to maximize performance.

He is the Author of four best selling books, Publisher of PERFORMANCE/P360 Magazine, Co-Host of the national business entrepreneur program on Catalyst Business Radio, and a prominent Human Capital Developer having been tapped multiple times to present for HR groups such as The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

  • Strategic Planning in a Short-Term World & Ensuring Continued Success & Sustainability
  • "Enough Already! The Fifty Fastest Ways to Deal With, Manage, and Eliminate Negativity at The Workplace
  • "The P Factor: Learning How to Identify Personality Types for Better Skills and Increased Effectiveness"
  • "Turning Difficult Situations and People Around!"

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"Not only do you deliver a powerful session, it is being grasped by Pfizer employees from the initial training through the most senior leaders. Dr. Magee, you have an ability to glean from participants their instant needs and long term demands and still that back in a manner that everyone gains valuable information, understands action plans implementations and has fun at the same time"

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Group

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